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GROWW Project

Growing Resources, Opportunities and Wealth for Women(GROWW) is a microfinance project that supports rural women, especially single mothers or widows, to start or expand income-generating businesses for sustaining their families and educating their children.


Through the GROWW project, TASAAGA finds a group of women with no jobs, trains them in basic business management skills and gives them micro loans to start a business of their choice.The women are put in groups of five to support each other in finding solutions to challenges.Members in a group are not supposed to have the same business, as this might result in competition against each other instead of support.


After the training which is conducted by TASAAGA, a group of five women is given collateral free loans of 100,000 Uganda shillings (approximately US$55 or 35 British pounds). This money is meant to be paid back in small monthly installments with a repayment period of six months. Once one completes her loan she can apply for a bigger loan which is processed after assessing her business and how supportive she has been to the other group members.The group is required to meet once a week to discuss progress and solutions to any challenge that may be faced by a group member. Therefore, before a bigger loan is given out, attendance to these meetings is also assessed including their contribution to issues discussed.



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